India wins the war without any blood shed

Once our former Prime Minister Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee said that “We can choose our friends but not our neighbours”. But looking at activities of Pakistan and China, the option of choosing the neighbours would have been great.

This time China is the reason why I am thinking like wise, due to the expansive attitude of China it has border disputes with almost every neighbouring country and unfortunately India is also included in the list. By looking at the recent aggressiveness of China in Chumbi Valley it can be said that government of the People’s Republic of China still have the same mentality that it use to have at the time of Mao Zedong.

What happened on 16th June 2017

The recent military standoff between India and China started on 16th of June this year when the latter has started to construct the road in the area disputed between China and Bhutan. Here a question arises that if the land dispute is between China and Bhutan then why India is bothered about it? Well, India is concerned with Chinese construction because if China builds the road in that area then it will have better connectivity to that area with rest of the china which will increase the security concerns of India.

Geographical situation of Doklam Plateau


Image 1: Geographical location of Doklam

So we can clearly see where exactly is the doklam plateau and how near it is from the tri junction point ( Tri junction point is the point where the border of 3 countries meets) on the above map.

Area where the road is being constructed by China

Area where road construction is going on

Image 2: The area which is circled is roughly denoting the area where China is constructing the roads.

Now another question is that even if the road is being constructed then what is the security concern does India have? So if China constructs the road in the circled area then that area will have a better connectivity to the Yadong region which already have a very well developed rail and road network ( see the yellow lines which resemble the rail and road network) which can helps China to rapidly move the military to this region if any conflicts arise near the tri-junction area which has definitely built pressure over India.


Pic 3: The position of Siliguri corridor and tri-junction point in its respect.

Why was India so concerned?

From image 2 and image 3 we can see how close is the tri-junction point from the Siliguri corridor, which is also known as the chicken’s neck of India which connects the seven north eastern states with rest of the India. So if China builds the road then it will be very easy for China to attack the Siliguri Corridor and in that situation the 7 sister states will be cut off from rest of the country and then we might lose them which definitely we don’t want, so strategically it’s important for India to keep China away from that area, that’s why India immediately opposed the road construction in the disputed area.

Why China got furious?

China said that it is constructing the road on its own land and India should not have any problem with it, but here is a point to keep in mind that China is conducting the construction activity in the disputed area.

So when Bhutan oppose this activity, China simply ignore the Bhutanese opposition then latter seek the help from India. Then Indian soldiers stop the construction activity. So this is the complete issue and reason of Indian involvement in the same.

Major events during standoff

This is not the 1st time when India and China are confronting each other, it is the 4th standoff between the two nuclear powers of Asia, but unlike to the last three standoffs which were ended in around 3 weeks, this time 2 militaries kept staring at each other for 70 days.

  1. As soon as this issue came up China cancelled the Kailash Mansarovar yatra through Nathu La pass.
  2. China was demanding India to withdraw its troops unconditionally from the border and acknowledge its sovereignty over Doklam area, but India put its point very firmly that both nations should withdraw their troops simultaneously.
  3. China released many statements to provoke India like “India should not forget 1962 war” but on this Indian Defence Minister gave a biffing reply that “If they are trying to remind us, the situation in 1962 was different and India of 2017 is different,”.
  4. MEA Mrs Sushma Swaraj also told to Lok Sabha that “India has the support of all countries.” and during the recent visit of Japanese Prime Minister it is clear from its statement.
  5. Japan backs India and says, ‘Must Not Change Status Quo By Force’.

The standoff over, India and China withdraw troops from Doklam.

With growing international support in favour of India and BRICS summit approaching fast, China is agreed to resolve the issue. Both the nations disengaged the army from the Doklam area, but China will continue the patrolling in the area and that is not the concern of India, China also stopped its construction activity. Finally, after almost 2 months of standoff, both the nations move to the status quo i.e. the status before 16th of June without any military confrontation.

So, China whose known for its aggressive expansion policy attacked India in 1962 due to almost similar reasons, agreed to stop its activities in the disputed area on raising the concerns from India that too without any use of the military is in my view nothing less than a win for India.

Faith or a Blind faith

Today is a big day when court restores the faith of common man in law and justice by punishing a person who becomes PITAJI of millions of people due to their blind faith in him. You got it right I am talking about Dera Sacha Sauda’s chief Ram Rahim Singh, I will not be going to talk about what happened on last Friday and what happened today that are scattered all over on news channel and on social media, but the point that we need to think about is how come a 10th failed person become so big that machinery of 2 states was fully acquired just to control the blind follower of this man? How come this man is able to make property worth of 6000 crores, how come this man become so powerful that political parties seek his blessings to win the election?

The answer to this question is very simple.. he becomes whatever he is today is just because of the blind faith of his followers. You may call him Ram Rahim Singh Insan or Asharam Bapu or Nityanand Swami or Sant Rampal these names may point towards different persons but if we see minutely we will find out that behind these different name character is same, the face is same their sins are same and the support system behind them is also same.

India is undoubtedly the land of sadhu and saints and in ancient time people have full faith in them and those sadhu n Saints also follow the sadhutwata but in current time being Baba is just a mean to earn money, name and celebrity status.

Just take a minute and think how come these DERA’s comes into existence? what is the requirement of these? and after this how come they are able to survive till now? this is because of those people who want to become successful in a matter of minutes, this is because of those who want everything but don’t want to do anything and if you think that these people are only those who are illiterate, coming from that part of society who is not developed enough then let me tell you that there are thousands of followers who are well educated, rich enough and came from high-class society, who can understand the difference between truth and lie, magic and trick then how come people leave their mind along with their footwear at the doorstep of these ashrams, deras etc.

So what we can learn from the case of Ram Rahim that before believing any such self-proclaimed Baba or sadhu just wait for a while and think are they really capable to help you or it is just a coincidence or silly magic trick. So have faith but not blind faith in anyone, because they use our blind faith just to polish their image. In the end, I just want to say that we want Swami Vivekananda and Swami Dayanand Saraswati who had worked for the upliftment of women we don’t want Self-proclaimed Baba or Sant who instead upliftment made crime against women.